Unparalleled Safety

The Pellevé System delivers continuous radiofrequency energy which enables the clinician to choose how much energy to deliver and in what areas. By using a combination of the different sizes of Pellevé handpieces that are available each patient’s specific areas of concern can be addressed, resulting in patients receiving just the right amount of energy. . The new GlideSafe handpieces feature an innovative sensor designed to stop energy flow when the device senses loss of contact with skin, further enhancing the safety.

Non invasive, non ablative office treatment
Patients today are seeking affordable, non invasive alternatives to ablative and surgical procedures. The Pellevé System fills that void.

Minimal side effects
A Pellevé treatment is virtually pain free and no anesthetic is used for the treatment. The patient may experience some transient erythema or edema, which is typically gone in a few hours.

lorenc-photo-new“Pellevé does not have the discomfort associated with some other skin tightening therapies. It is ideal for patients seeking effective yet natural looking solutions without downtime and at a price they can afford. Pellevé skin tightening technology fills this important role in my practice; my patients love it.”
– Z Paul Lorenc, M.D., F.A.C.S., New York City Plastic Surgeon